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“They are awesome!! My house really needed a deep clean, and they did such a good job we brought them back to clean the upstairs rooms. Everyone is so professional and friendly. Essie even helped my mom make the best soup ever, gave her great advice. Seeing the finished product after their service was like seeing a brand new home! - Hunter Fry

American Maids & Floor Cleaning Specialist

You deserve a deep cleaning service that surpasses your expectations. Our meticulous approach revolutionizes the cleaning experience

How We Started

American Maids & Floor Cleaning Specialist was created with one overarching goal: to reduce the stress in our client’s lives of trying to maintain a clean space.

Our founders, Essie and Calvin Powell, understand the struggles our clients face with their home cleaning and maintenance, having raised three children while leading busy lives themselves.

American Maids & Floor Cleaning Specialist was born to serve homes & businesses in our community, and has quickly become one of the highest rated and most reviewed cleaning service in Cincinnati.

“I am sooo happy that my house is now clean! It is so clean I can just feel the cleanliness! I felt weight being lifted off my shoulders! The owners are amazing and they really showed a lot of integrity for their business. I would definitely recommend and I would use the service again! ”

Jayla Pearson - google review

Recurring Home Cleaning

Daily/ Weekly/ Bi-Monthly or custom routines

1x Deep Cleaning

Bathrooms, kitchens, stoves, fridge, hardwood floors, dusting, marble and much more.

Move In & Out Cleaning

Our clean & pack service, we can store your belongings and clean your home for sale.

Cleaning Redefined: Break Free from Uncertainty and Embrace Our Uncompromising Dedication to Excellence!

You deserve a cleaning service that surpasses your expectations. Our meticulous approach revolutionizes the cleaning experience. While others merely vacuum and take out the trash, we dedicate ample time to every detail, ensuring no area is overlooked. From sanitizing phones to light switches and door handles, we leave no stone unturned.

Discover peace of mind by exploring our unbeatable guarantee, where we stand firmly behind every promise we make. Choose excellence, reliability, and the assurance of our 100% backing. Experience a cleaning service that truly makes a difference.

$25 Off Recurring Service

$50 Off Deep Cleaning

$50 Off Deep Cleaning


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Unlock the Joy of Your Free Time: Let Cleaning Take a Backseat!

Claim the right offer for you: Deep Cleaning| Recurring Service| Move in/out

Detailed Deep House Cleaning

  • Dusting/Clean

    Remove cobwebs, Ceilings, Entry Doors & Door Frames, Vanities, Mirrors, Baseboards, Window Frames, Sills & Blinds, Ceiling Fans

  • Bedrooms Tidy, Vacuum floors

  • Bathrooms- Clean Shower, Tub and Toilets, Polish Fixtures, Mirrors, Clean Vanities & Sinks

  • Kitchen- Wipe counters, Sanitize Sinks, Polish Fixtures, Clean outside of appliances, Spot Wipe Cabinets, Clean Fridge (interior - add on service), Clean Oven (interior - add on service)

  • Floors- Vacuum all Floors, Mop all hardwood & tile floors

Cleaning Service You Can Rely On

  • Honesty – acting with honesty and integrity at all times and in all aspects of our business.

  • Professional- being professional when doing or job and interacting with clients.

  • Quality- delivering a consistent high-level of quality.

  • Caring- caring for one another, our customers and the company.

  • Dependability- being dependable and reliable.

267 Google Reviews- Customers love our attention to detail

Here's why:

Our Fabulous Cleaning Team

At American Maids & Floor Cleaning Specialist, we are driven by a singular mission: to deliver the highest quality cleaning services to our valued customers.

With an unwavering commitment to unmatched customer service, we strive to consistently meet and surpass your expectations with every cleaning visit to your home or business.

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee

7577 Central Parke Blvd suite 308-310, Mason, OH 45040, USA

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American Maids & Floor Cleaning Specialist

7577 Central Parke Blvd suite 308-310, Mason, OH 45040

Phone:(513) 906-9283



How much is house cleaning services in Cincinnati?

Price for house cleaning services in Cincinnati OH will vary depending on the size of your home and the frequency with which you need the service.

For example, weekly or bi-weekly service will generally be less expensive than monthly or one-time service. If you have a larger home or require more specialized services, you can expect to pay more

How do I prepare my home for my housecleaning?

While it is not necessary to clean before a cleaner comes, it is always appreciated if the homeowner does a little bit of tidying up.

Having the counters and sink cleared of dishes allows us to scrub and clean deeply, and picking up items as much as possible off the floor is extremely helpful.

Do your cleaning technicians accept tips?

Tips are never expected, but are greatly appreciated, and are accepted. Most clients prefer to tip a little at the end of each cleaning, but some prefer to provide a large tip at the end of the year.

We love hearing that our work is appreciated and if you’d like to leave a review on our website or Facebook page, we’d greatly appreciate that!

What is the difference between a move out clean and a standard clean?

Our standard cleaning checklist is incredibly extensive, and what we follow for both your initial cleaning and recurring cleaning appointments.

A move out/move in cleaning service is reserved for vacant homes, and includes tasks such as interiors of cabinets and appliances. However, you are always able to add these tasks onto your standard cleaning if only certain additional cleaning tasks are desired

Are pets at home OK?

We love all pets, but you know your pets better than we do! If your pet is comfortable being around new people, especially those making noises – vacuum – mopping, etc – then having the pet at home is completely fine with us.

To ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable, we do recommend that the animal be in a crate or a separate room for the duration of the job. If a pet is not comfortable around new people or noises, we ask that the pet be contained in a manner in which they will not be able to interact with the cleaners

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